Chris Olds Director / Coach

  • 8 years Playing Experience
  • 6 years Coaching Experience

Chris fell in love with beach volleyball shortly after moving to Austin in 2011. He started spending less & less time playing basketball (his first love), and more & more time mastering the beach game (always a work in progress). He quickly worked his way up the ranks, making it to the finals in 30+ tournaments & winning 17+ times in just a couple years. He earned his first main draw berth in the NVL less than 3 years after he started playing the sport.

Chris has helped build several of the beach programs around the Austin Area. Now he's focused on delivering the best experience possible through 512 Beach. He is also the 4A Volleyball Head Coach at St. Andrew’s Middle School.

Beyond Volleyball... Chris is also a Web Developer, Basketball Coach, & aspiring Woodworker.

Fun Fact: Chris scored the golden goal in sudden death overtime in the 2007 Korfball World Cup, leading Team USA to their first victory in 16 years. What's korfball...? Feel free to ask him.

Certifications: USAV BCAP II, iDrills High Performance Coaching, USAV BCAP I, USAV Beach Impact, USAV Impact, USAV SafeSport, USAV Background Check

If you aren't enjoying the game, what's the point? I love having fun with the players I coach and watching them improve day by day. My coaching drive comes from seeing those lightbulb moments & the sparkle in a player's eyes when everything just clicks... and then the determination to do it again.

Ryan James Berning Coach

  • 17 years Playing Experience
  • 12 years Coaching Experience

After years playing and working within the volleyball world, Ryan Berning is excited to bring his talents to 512 Beach. His passion for the sport of volleyball has taken him around the U.S., competing in many Open level tournaments, as well as on the NVL, EEVB and AVP. Ryan's best finish was 12th in the 2013 AVP Atlantic City.

In 2007, Ryan joined the coaching ranks, starting at the club level and working his way to Emerson College, where he served as the men's and women's assistant coach for five years. Former Emerson libero Jared Gross once said of Ryan’s coaching: “I would describe it as more laid-back, but knowledgeable. [Ryan’s] not going to be a guy who will scream at you, necessarily, but it is going to be constant repetition, and he is going to make sure you are going to get something right.”

Ryan is also a sports performance coach and has trained many pro and semi-pro athletes over the years and has contributed sports performance articles to Volleyball magazine.

Beyond Volleyball... Always learning, working on a new project and just enjoying life and all its pleasures.

Fun Fact: Former DI soccer player and had a short stint as a model for a local New England business. Also loves history and astronomy.

Certifications: USAV BCAP I, USAV Beach Impact, USAV SafeSport, USAV Background Check

Volleyball gives so much to so many people. Sharing this amazing sport with anyone who wants to play it brings joy to my heart.

Tania Lyerly Director / Coach

  • 7 years Playing Experience
  • 4 years Coaching Experience

Tania loves helping teens succeed. She helps student-athletes as an ACT/SAT tutor by day, and as a volleyball coach by night (and day...). She's also our resident college recruiting specialist, helping athletes & parents navigate the road to college, whether it's through athletics, academics, or some combination of the two. It doesn't hurt that she's been through it all before herself, when she was a scholarship athlete at Northwestern University as a diver.

Tania currently plays beach volleyball, based out of Austin, TX. She got herself kicked out of the local BB tour after being the points leader two years in a row and winning the end of season championship. Standing at 5'4", she's always working on her defense & ball control to hang with the bigger Open players.

Tania is also the 4A Head Coach at St. Andrew's Middle School.

Beyond Volleyball... Lately, Tania can often be found with her nose in a book, dancing to the music, messing with math problems, or learning acro-yoga. Sometimes all at once!

Fun Fact: Tania was in a circus! Ask her about it sometime. :)

Certifications: USAV BCAP II, iDrills High Performance Coaching, USAV BCAP I, USAV Beach Impact, USAV Impact, USAV SafeSport, USAV Background Check

Volleyball is fun! (And hard work.) It provides a break from the outside world. Volleyball teaches valuable life skills: teamwork, time management, communication, dedication, and the ability to overcome failures. I believe it’s a coach’s role to develop good people with exceptional life skills, because those make the best players and teammates.

Zack Kweder Director / Coach

  • 21 years Playing Experience
  • 6 years Coaching Experience

Zack has been working on his beach game for nearly 20 years, having won many Open tournaments in that time. He first learned the game from former AVP pro, Ryan Mariano.

Zack is a driven, dedicated player—making the most of his 5'10" frame. He channels that same drive into his coaching, helping players become the best version of themselves.

Zack is also the JV Volleyball Coach at St. Andrew's.

Beyond Volleyball... When Zack isn't playing or coaching volleyball, you can usually find him chasing around his two mini-me's, Kyan & Naomi.

Certifications: USAV Impact, USAV SafeSport, USAV Background Check

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