Friday Training Program at Krieg
Six Week Volleyball Training Program! Jumpstart your Season!


  • Days: Fridays
  • Dates: 9/6 – 10/11
  • Time: 6:15pm – 7:40pm
  • Location: Krieg (directions)
  • Price: 20 credits

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What to Expect

What's the format of each session?

Each session will be 90 minutes. We tend to run a little long, but you're free to leave whenever you need to.

We'll work on specific beach skills with games & competition mixed in throughout each session, ending with focused gameplay to give you an opportunity to execute everything you've been practicing.

This isn't a beach workout. This is an opportunity to get better at playing beach volleyball.

What if I'm new to beach volleyball?

We have multiple courts & multiple coaches, so we'll break up into groups to make sure you get a solid grasp of the game before mixing in with the more experienced players. We have a lot of experience helping indoor players transition to beach.

What if I'm an experienced beach player?

Having multiple coaches & multiple courts allows us to break up into groups of similar skill levels. This lets us tailor each group to ensure everyone has an opportunity to improve at their level.

How are the sessions customized? What skills are covered?

Each session will be tailored to those who attend based on Player Assessments & any questions/topics brought up during training.

We'll be working on a variety of skills (Passing, Setting, Attacking, Defense, Blocking, & Serving), depending on who chooses to attend & what you need.

If you're looking for help with something specific, just let us know, & we'll try to work it into the next session.

What if I can't make it to this program?

Join the 512 Beach Update, and we'll let you know when the next one is scheduled.

You can also see what other training options we currently have available here.


Just ask.

Directions to Krieg

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Very impressed with how the first practice was managed and coached; extremely efficient, educational, and filled with lessons and drills. Matt T., Volleyball Parent
My daughter loved the practice — thank you coaches! Angela L., Volleyball Parent
You guys are worth every penny. Rob L., Adult Trainee

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