Beach Volleyball Training Options

Our Coaching Philosophy

  • Foster a love of the game. Volleyball should be fun!
  • Build fundamentals & use game-like practices to help skills transfer to game.
  • Teach both how AND why to perform skills in a particular way, along with various strategies that may suit individual players.
  • Coach self-reliance & adaptability to challenges while playing.
  • Use the Socratic Method to reinforce player understanding.
  • Train Ugly. The game teaches the game.
  • Ancora Imparo. Still, I am learning.

We strive to use our time efficiently. The first part of each practice is dedicated to focusing on specific mechanics (passing, setting, hitting, etc.). We then use grills (game-like drills) to reinforce those mechanics in more game-like situations.

Our training objectives are:
  1. Make volleyball fun.
  2. Prepare for the next upcoming tournament.
  3. Improve teamwork and reinforce the importance of working together.
  4. Improve individual skill sets.
  5. Train Ugly.
We choose to coach in this way because we believe:
  1. If players aren't having fun, they're missing the point of the game.
  2. If players don't feel competitive, they might give up. Tournament wins help fuel competitive drive.
  3. If players aren't good at being part of a team, they won't succeed in volleyball regardless of their mechanical prowess.
  4. Individual skills will improve in conjunction with the rest of the objectives through individual attention, even within a group setting.
  5. Anyone can look good doing a blocked drill. We strive to be great at actually playing the game, which means making our practices as game-like as possible. The process might look a little ugly at times, but the results will speak for themselves.

Where We Train

Depending on player & court availability, we train all over the area—hence the name. :)